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About us


Naomi Keates

Manchester, UK

  • Singer songwriter, producer

  • Rhythm guitarist, keyboard, tres cubano


Sibori Zuñiga Molina

Cusco, Peru

  • Percussionist

  • Charango, vocals


Paul Hilger

Marburg, Germany

  • Lead guitarist

  • Vocals

  • Bandleader of Paul Hilger and the King Pins, lead guitarist for P.

Yerba Colorá is an international alterlatino (alternative/latin) band based in Marburg, Germany. The band was formed in 2016 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Naomi Keates (Manchester, UK) and percussionist Sibori Zuñiga Molina (Cusco, Peru). The line-up was completed with Jörg Sebald (Germany) on the bass and lead guitarist Paul Hilger (Germany) on lead guitar.


A melting pot of sound, Yerba Colorá combines fiery latin rhythms with less traditional genres such as alternative rock, reggae and folk. Debut EP “¡Eh! P.” was released in summer 2020, followed by "II" in autumn 2021.


Yerba Colorá stands for empowerment, acceptance, authenticity, defiance and joy as an act of rebellion.


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