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About us

Naomi Keates

Manchester, UK

  • Singer songwriter, producer

  • Rhythm guitarist, keyboard, tres cubano


Moe Reyna Crespo

Lima, Peru

  • Percussionist

  • Vocals

Paul Hilger

Marburg, Germany

  • Lead guitarist

  • Vocals

  • Bandleader of Paul Hilger and the Kingpins, lead guitarist for P.J. Fairley band and NADU

Phil Bicking

Marburg, Germany

  • Bassist

  • bandleader of Floof, bassist for Paul Hilger and the Kingpins


Wiley Sil

Marburg, Germany

  • Drummer

  • Drummer for Floof and Paul Hilger and the Kingpins

Yerba Colorá is an international alterlatino (alternative/latin) band, formed in 2016 and based in Marburg, Germany.  


A melting pot of sound, Yerba Colorá seamlessly combines Latin rhythms with elements of psychedelic rock, folk and reggae. The band’s unique signature sound is defined by captivating melodies, soaring guitar solos and a powerhouse rhythm section. Gritty Spanish lyrics explore topics ranging from everyday struggles to social injustice and the importance of empathy and unity in tumultuous times.


Debut EP “¡Eh! P.” was released in summer 2020, followed by "II" in autumn 2021. Described by Christian Carlisle (BBC Introducing, Sheffield) as “a heady, intoxicating mix”, Yerba Colorá’s music has enjoyed airplay on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6, as well as having been featured on German stations such as Radio Z. The band’s third EP will be released in spring 2023.


Yerba Colorá stands for empowerment, acceptance, authenticity, defiance and joy as an act of rebellion.

Yerba Colorá are: Naomi Keates (vocals/guitar), Paul Hilger (lead guitar), Phil Bicking (bass), Wiley Sil (drums) and Moe Reyna Crespo (percussion).

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