In summer 2019 we started working on our debut EP, a collection of original songs, named after percussionist

Sibori's vocal stylings. Originally, we only meant to record one song: "Desanclado", which was released on the compilation "Marburg frisch gepresst" by record label Marburg Records in december 2019. We soon realised that we had many more ditties more than deserving of their share of the limelight.


so, off we popped back to amoeneburg, where "Menéalo", "todo va a salir bien" and "¡Qué suerte" were recorded in july 2019. Later in the year, 4 became 5 when "Gracias a la vida" joined the fiesta, and the completion of the album with "te cambiaste" was the proverbial chili in the salsa.


Our "¡EH! P." was completed in april 2020, and we couldn't wait for the ensuing frivolities. We had planned a release party in our hometown, marburg, to be followed by a collection of performances at some great venues in marburg, wetzlar and kassel. Sadly, this was not to be, and as the covid pandemic gradually tightened its death-grip on the local music scene, our  hopes for 2020 were well and truly jodido

2020 - year of mierda, but also the year of grabbing a camera, a pen, a guitar, a copa and finding new ways to keep the music going. Team Yerba have been doing their homework, producing our yerbas@home collection of brand new songs, featured in homemade videos, and a collection of eight fabulous new songs, which will be released in summer 2021, hopefully live! (keep posted on social media!)


So, let's hope for some better weather and the imminent return of live music, until then, we hope you enjoy our "¡EH! P." which can be found on spotify, amazon, youtube, you name it,

here's a little bit more about the tracks on the "¡EH! P." and a little insight into the hard work and fun times at "Die-Tonbox" studio, Enjoy! Y hasta pronto, amigos.